Lev Ulfet – Head of Surveying

  • Lev is a highly qualified and experienced energy assessor who has been trading as EPC Expert since 2008. On April 1st 2024 he took over the UK Energy Surveys business, absorbing it into his own highly successful brand. His colleague Andrew is based in Hampshire so is well placed to take over the work that Jeremy was previously doing.
EPC Expert
  • Jeremy Maltby – Consultant

    Jeremy has nearly 40 years’ experience as a commercial property surveyor. After 25 years as a commercial property agent he set up UK Energy Surveys in 2009 to carry out level 3 and 4 EPCs. On 1st April 2024 he retired and transferred the business over to EPC Expert. He will remain a consultant to ensure a smooth handover and to continue generating business.

  • Venetia Crow BA (Hons) - Office and finance manager

    Venetia will continue to run the accounting side of the UK Energy Surveys company for a while until she too retires

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UK Energy Surveys has carried out surveys on over 40 million sq. ft. of properties including over 5,000 non-domestic EPCs on office, retail and industrial buildings for landlords, developers and occupiers.Geographically we have surveyed buildings all over the UK as shown on this map